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The floral concept of the building, instilled within the heart of Sliema is present in each suite, not only through their names of different flora, but even in the vibrant colours used in each room to give a warm serene feel. This divine and feminine look is the image of Doris Suites and is kept thriving by all the work that goes into the place. Each suite has an individual balcony, characterised by the traditional Maltese look that allows our guests to enjoy the outside while being in. 

This October to further enhance this theme, a varying instalment of greenery has been individually chosen to compliment the suites even further. From the bright yellow of the Pansies to the dark green of the shrubs, each give our guests a greater feel of the outdoors as they sip on their tea in our newly embellished balconies. 

While on site of the garden centre I managed to capture the different plants chosen in a beautiful light, as the sun peaked through the ceiling onto the cacti and, in the outside area as the light hit the flowers directly. 

If you do pick us as hosts for you next Maltese holiday, please let us know what you think of our fresh new blossoms!